For jobs in the different Islamic sectors locally and nationally continue to browse and search on

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For jobs in the different Islamic sectors locally and nationally continue to browse and search on

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    Specialist Jobs

  • Hafiz for Ramadan
  • Imam
  • Islamic Artist/Performer
  • Islamic Legal Advisor (Inheritance, Marriage & Divorce Law, Family Law)
  • Islamic Research Consultant
  • Journalism & Blogging
  • Lecturer
  • Mu'azzin
  • Muslim Chaplain
  • Muslim Charity Jobs
  • Religious Advisor
  • Speakers
  • Teacher
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Volunteering
  • General Jobs

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Admin - Clerical
  • Administration
  • Architecture/Construction
  • Business Opportunity
  • College & Internships
  • Consultant
  • Customer Service
  • Distributrion - Shipping
  • Education & Training
  • Email/Newsletter
  • Engineering
  • Executive
  • Graphic Design
  • Healthcare & Community
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Legal
  • Management
  • Manufacturing/Operations
  • Media (Newspaper/Radio/TV)
  • Restaurant
  • Retail
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Skilled Labour
  • Social Services
  • Volunteering

Appreciated by Eminent Scholars

Dr Musharraf Hussain
Mufassir-e-Quran Allama Tayyib Naqshbandi
Imam Eshan Ullah
Mufti Abdul Qadir Barkatulla
Shaikh Yunus Dudhwala
Shaikh Hafiz Amir Hussain
Shaikhul Hadith Mohammed Yusof Naqshbandi
Moulana Ayub Ali
Shaikh Saleh Hamidi
Shaikh Abdur Rahman Madani
Shaikh Mahmudul Hasan
Shaikh Shah Mizanul Hoque
Shaikh Yasrab Shah

Featured Jobs



A very important and welcome initiative connecting Muslim institutions and professionals.

Mohamed Harrath

Managing Director, Islam Channel


eimams is a much needed platform for our future. A professional platform is long overdue - where perhaps the most important appointments of the community can be advertised and the highest calibre of Ulema for our mosques & Islamic institutions can be recruited.

Barrister Rizwan Hussain

Director & CEO TV One


This is the place to go if you are looking for a job. If you’re looking for work within this sector, this is the place to checkout

Rahim Jung



Eimams is an exciting new platform that all our mosques, and Islamic institutions need to be on. I have been tracking its development from its very inception. The platform is supported by a dedicated team. I look forward to its continued growth and success.

Khaled Moyeed

Trustee, Masjid Ayesha Tottenham


A fantastic new  website for the Muslim job sector.; a website where every single job opportunity going in the sector whether it is an Islamic school, Madrasa, whether it’s a charity organisation,  you’ll find the jobs advertised here

Naeem Reza