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Role of Muslim Chaplains in Hospitals

Chaplains in hospitals provide religious, cultural and spiritual support for both staff and patients alike. Their role is highly appreciated by everyone because they provide that very independent, impartial and pastoral care at critical or highly sensitive times. Hospital chaplains face different situations on a regular basis, this could be from supporting a patient whose life is drawing to an end and is in the final stages of life, and as a chaplain, the Imam will be able to guide them through their last rites. Additionally, the Imam can also support them with their last wishes. A chaplain also supports the staff of the hospital with their religious and spiritual needs which is an important element of being a chaplain. Furthermore, issues such as halal food, services during holidays, sensitive Muslim issues, fasting during Ramadan, performing prayers, providing religious articles such as the Quran, Tasbih, prayer mats, and general Islamic matters which Muslim patients and staff require religious guidance on. Hospital chaplains are playing a very important role in the mainstream and it is becoming more and more prominent.