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Creating a New Vacancy

Enter the title for the job vacancy. i.e. Arabic Teacher, Language Teacher etc.

Enter the title for the job vacancy.

Enter the date from which the vacancy is to be advertised i.e. date the vacancy will be made available to jobseekers.

Enter the date on which the vacancy will be withdrawn from display.

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Enter the total minimum number of hours to be worked each week. Any variation can be included under "other information" (see below). Hours offered should comply with current legislation.

Enter a breakdown of working hours eg. 9.00am to 5.00pm Mon - Fri, 2.00pm to 9.00pm Wed, Thur & Fri..

Enter the duties of the job. These should be clear and concise. Unfamiliar abbreviations should not be used. A hyperlink or reference to a more detailed job specification can be included in the "other information" field (see below). Capital letters should be used at the beginning of every sentence with one space after each comma, two spaces after each full stop and capitals at the beginning of person or place names.
You may find it useful before saving your vacancy to select the text in the Job Description window, copy (Ctrl C) and paste it (Ctrl V) into a blank Word Document. Spelling and grammatical errors will be identified and can be corrected and copied back to appropriate box (es).

Enter clear instructions on how to apply for the job: e.g. where application forms can be obtained and, where completed, forms are to be sent.

Covering Note, Person Specification, Application Form
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Check the tick box if you have a valid reason for your name, address and contact details remaining confidential from applicants. If this is selected the employer's name and contact details will not appear on Job Listing. Employers must have a valid reason for withholding these details.

It is strongly recommended that you (as employer) understand what legal check requirements is and when recruiting an individual for tuition or working with children and or vulnerable individuals, that they (employee) have legal check clearance.

Ongoing Contract

Ongoing contact will be maintained with you throughout the life of the vacancy. When the vacancy closes you will be asked to provide feedback information on the applications who have applied through a Jobs & Benefits Office / Jobcentre or directly via Jobcentreonline. You should therefore maintain records of the applications received and the outcomes.