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Role of the Prison Chaplain

Prison chaplains like other chaplains play a very pertinent role in prisons. They support prison staff with their religious, spiritual and general well-being. Additionally, the chaplains also support prisoners who have been excluded, and aborted from society. Prisoners are at times overwhelmed by feelings of isolation, rejection, and shame, this then has a subsequent impact on their hopes of a better future. At this very important juncture chaplains in conjunction with civil authorities are entrusted with the mammoth task of supporting prisoners to become better citizens and reform their lives, so that in time they will be able to return to society and their family and friends as contributing citizens where they will be able to assume responsibilities and duties which will enable them to give back to society. Chaplains role starts with providing pastoral care to those who are either imprisoned and are awaiting trial or after their convictions. It is, therefore, a very important role that chaplains play.