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Welcome to eimams, the premier Islamic job site connecting talented professionals with meaningful career opportunities rooted in Islamic values. Our pricing plans are designed to cater to the diverse needs of employers and job seekers who prioritize Islamic ethics and values in their professional endeavors.

Eimams Simple pricing

Masjid/Madrasa – Charge discounted, If unable to afford then we waive the fee for Specialist posts.
** Specialist means jobs that are specific to religious duties i.e. Imams, Quran teachers, Madrassa teachers. A role that requires specialist Islamic qualifications.

Package name Plan Price Duration Purchase
Ramadan - 2024/1445 25 Job Posts Free 30 Days Get it Now
Basic Package 1 Job Post £10 30 Days Purchase
Premium Package 5 Job Posts £45 30 Days Purchase
Executive Package 10 Job Posts £80 30 Days Purchase
Note : Islamic businesses, or mainstream organisations, institutions will be under this category.