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Imams and Teacher Training Courses

Imams and Teacher Training Courses

We at eimams believe that the way forward in the current times is to be equipped with the most relevant and up-to-date knowledge about our surroundings, and in order to contribute positively to the society that we live, we must be in a position to make that contribution. However, it should also be noted that Muslims are still in a transitional period with some of the dust of the previous four generations now settling. Nonetheless, it is still work in progress. In order to equip Imams, Scholars, Teachers, and other faith specific roles, we need to educate, train and equip those individuals to make a positive contribution to society.

Therefore, we have programmes which are tailor-made to the needs of Imams, Teachers and faith leaders, but these can also be benefit to anyone with an interest. This is to ensure that they are able to engage in the most adequate manner with their local communities. Keeping this in mind we at eimams have devised programmes which will not only train but also enhance their self-esteem so that they become an integral part of the community and thus an integral part of society in general. Our programmes cover Leadership, Engaging with Agencies, Planning, Mosque/Madrassa Management, Madrassa Management Software Training, Media Education, Development and Political Participation. These are just some of the areas we focus on. The training is delivered in faith and culturally sensitive manners. The medium used are workshops, PowerPoint Presentations, Visuals, Group Work, and Delivering Talks by Experts.

Other areas that we cover are as follows:

Conflict Resolution, Charity Start-Up & Management, Communication Skills (Speaking, Listening & Reading), Confidence Building, Chaplaincy (Hospitals, Military, Police, Prisons & Schools), Cultural Awareness, Good Governance, Interfaith Dialogue, Leadership, Mediation, Media Education,   Planning, Research Skills and Working with Agencies.

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