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We at eimams have teamed up with some of the most prominent scholars, intellectuals, professionals and artists. In this ever evolving world Muslims have excelled in many fronts some them such as scholars, intellectuals, professionals and artists. It’s our good fortunate that we are able to establish strong links and in doing so, we are able to give access to these very prominent individuals. Therefore, If you would like to request a speaker or an artist for your programmes or events then please complete the form below.

Mevlan Kurtishi
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Mevlan Kurtishi is an Albanian Islamic singer, composer, songwriter, and music producer. Born on December 7, 1995, in Skopje, North Macedonia.

Kurtishi grew up with Islamic teachings in his hometown. His father is ‘hafidh’ – holder of the Qur’an and educated him in Islamic spirit. Even though he was a child, he was so passionate about art, creativity, singing, and writing lyrics. His curiosity gave him a sign of great courage to learn, playing many musical instruments.

He graduated with honors from his primary and secondary school in Skopje and continued his education for Islamic Studies at “Al Qasimia University”, Sharjah. He attended lessons in the Arabic language, which is the fifth language in Mevlan’s memory. Kurtishi speaks four other various languages as Albanian, English, Turkish, and Macedonian.

Besides studying obligations, never quit singing. He participated in a solo singing competition “Munshid Sharjah ” in the United Arab Emirates. It’s one of the greatest and most favorite experiences for him because it distinguished him as a great singer and became famous worldwide.

Kurtishi contributed effectively to the quality of  Islamic Art and Quran recitations. His artistic work resembles a sentence he always says in his interviews: “Love, Devotion, and Hard Work for a better future.”

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Shaykhul Hadith Allama Mohammed Yusof Naqshbandi Shahib

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Moulana Ayub Ali

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Michael Mumisa

Michael Mumisa is a PhD candidate and Special Livingstone Scholar at Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge. He was classically trained and earned an ‘Ijaza Alimiyya’ with distinction. He also holds a BA Honours degree (with distinction) and an MPhil research degree. He has lectured at the University of Birmingham, University of Cambridge’s Institute of Continuing Education, Newman University College in Birmingham, Markfield Institute in Leicestershire, the Centre for the Study of Muslim-Jewish Relations, and has taught and supervised undergraduates at the University of Cambridge. He is author of a number of studies in Islamic Law, Classical Arabic grammar, Hermeneutics, Theology and Philosophy. He is a regular broadcaster and commentator on radio and other media and he provides advice to BBC Drama and other TV programmes.

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Dilwar Hussain

Dilwar is Chair of New Horizons in British Islam. He is also a Research Fellow at the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations, University of Coventry. Dilwar has worked in research, consultancy and training over the last 20 years, delivering contracts for the voluntary sector, private sector and various government departments around issues of religion, integration and identity. He is a Trustee of the Faith & Belief Forum (FBF) and was Trustee and Vice-Chair of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust until 2018.

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Moulana Shakir Ahmed

Moulana Shakir Ahmed is a British Muslim Scholar with interests in Islamic academic research & integration. He is particularly interested in British Muslim Identity, traditional Islamic seminary education and its importance and impact. Furthermore, Moulana Shakir Ahmed has been working in the media since 2007. He worked in mainstream media for 7 years and thereafter has been a presenter at ATN Bangla and TV One. He has also been an active fundraiser for Islamic Media channels for the past 12 years. He is a prolific public and motivational speaker covering both Islamic and mainstream topics.

He has been active in community work since his graduation from the Islamic seminary and has been actively seeking to assist, enhance and promote traditional education and seminaries. He was part of the research project commissioned by IPPR “Inside Madrassas: Understanding and engaging with British-Muslim faith supplementary schools” (2011”). This report was the first in British history to have looked into the importance and significance of traditional ‘Maktabs / Madrassas’ or supplementary schools.  He has worked in the corporate sector since his university years as well as in senior management for a decade including in Spain.

Shakir Ahmed is also the founder and director of The very first online recruitment website for specialist Muslim jobs. It’s purpose is to support the growing Muslim population in the UK and Europe in particular the specialist jobs such as Imams, Qurras, Huffaz etc.

He graduated with an ‘Alimiyah’ degree (B.A Hons) from Jamia Islamia Hijaz College, 2001. He has also read International Relations & Politics (BA Hons), and Peace & Reconciliation Studies (MA) from Coventry University. Furthermore, he also read MA Islamic Studies at Markfield Institute, awarded by Loughborough University.

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