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Advertisement Fee

eimams is a dedicated jobs website, and there is no better palce to have online advertising and market research opportunities. Advertising can be done through banners, section sponsorship, Facebook wall. Eimams is a specialist faith based job website, therefore, you can switch from the broad ethnic specific marketing to a more faith community focused.

Section Coverage  Banner Type  Banners Dimensions Basic Coverage Standard Coverage Premium Coverage
Eimams Home Page Top employer carousel 817 x 160
Eimams Home Page Rotating banners 640 x 400
Eimams Inner Pages Banners 1340 x 270
Eimams Home & Inner Pages video 640 x 400
£650 / monthly £850 / monthly £1250 / monthly


  • Campaigns longer than 3 months are given a discounted rates
  • All rates exclude VAT
  • Graphics, banner designs available on request, however, charges and T&C apply.
  • The banner dimension will fluctuate in size according to the screen size of the device used to view the website