Interview Tips

Preparation is very important as this will be the chance for you to show that you can do the job and also your competency.

Enthusiasm: ensure you know the job description well, and remind yourself why you are the person for this role and also demonstrate this to the employer through your knowledge of the job role.


  • Visit the company’s/organisation’s website and read all about them especially their history and how they work.
  • If you know who will be interviewing you then find out about their role and their history in the company.
  • Ensure you know the format of the interview.
  • If totally unsure, drop eimams an e-mail with your questions or concern and one of our consultants will contact you.

Have a plan as to how you will demonstrate your skills

  • Ensure that you know the job description and what the role entails and its responsibilities.
  • Nobody knows you better than yourself, therefore, ensure you know your CV really well and work your way back towards your history, considering both, educational and professional background.
  • Make notes on points which are related to the job so that you can emphasise on them during the interview.
  • Be ready for questions which may put you on the spot, by anticipating questions which may be tricky, therefore, prepare yourself as to how you will handle it.

Creating and leaving a good impression

  • Do research on the distance, time, and transportation for the interview. This is so that you know exactly where to go and to be on time. As it often happens that on interview days people have severe problems with transport, traffic, etc, so it would be wise to leave at least 15-20 minutes spare.
  • Wear appropriate clothes as it is important and the interviewer will take note of it.
  • Prepare some questions for the interviewer in the event they ask you whether you have any questions for them, this will also show that you are interested and you have an inquisitive mind.